About SriCommerce.Com

We are SriCommerce, a subsidiary of SINHALAYA WORLDWIDE Inc, rather the Vision Explore Holdings – the well known web hosting company in the industry and clientele before 12th April 2012 – rebranded !

SriCommerce is a Sri Lankan company that caters to the web hosting needs of all business sectors starting from small sized business to very large level.

Majority – nearly 60% – of our clients are small and medium sized business while a 5 % – 10% are large sized businesses. Another 10% are clients those who are on charity basis and 20% are foreign clients. We are in the web hosting business from year 2002 providing exclusive web hosting services to larger number of national and international clients at affordable rates.

Our decade-long experience in the industry has made us professionals in fitting the latest technology trends with the customer needs. SriCommerce provide more space for low price yet giving a better online experience to its customers.
Many of our customers ask us the reason behind our economical and low cost services.

We are a small yet financially stable local company. At SriCommerce we follow old fashioned, traditional, one to one business methods. We save our costs by avoiding unnecessary out going phone calls, electricity bills, water bills or any other office running costs. So ultimately, you – our esteemed client – get the benefit with our saved money. We still apply a fixed dollar rate (1 US Dollar = 100/- LKR), not to confuse you with the rapid changing dollar rate in the market.

Our well-trained home-based customer support staff operating from worldwide locations is ready to serve you full technical support over the phone or email or via skype or even through live support all day long.

SriCommerce is determined to provide best quality service and our clients feel the reality of hosting with our professional support and friendly service.

Official Banker:
Sampath Bank, Head Quarters, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Payment Terms:
Offline Bank Deposits (Cash / Cheques)
Online Payments  – Credit Cards

We take business seriously !

At SriCommerce we are known for providing flexible and reliable webhosting services at reasonable rates. Our dedicated, customer oriented team delivers you what has been promised, along with a total customer oriented approach which has helped us to build an extensive list of clients locally and internationally.

  • Customer oriented web hosting plans
  • Approachable and easy negotiations
  • Affordable rates
  • Security and privacy guaranteed

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