It’s simple to get an idea by following text diagram..

"This is shows how you can earn money unlimited for paying a fixed and small cost.."

At once you became our re-seller web hosting partner,
1) You may create hosting packages and customize the client’s Cpanel headers as your own server and your End Customer will not be know about us.

2) You’ll have your very own DNS settings like,
(Then, we’ll never contact your end client and you can provide the services to your clients like from your own server)

3) You’ll not responsible for providing technical assistance or any sever maintenances since we’ll take care of those operations on behalf of you. (by 24/7 support)

4) You might be thinking whether do you need any specialized knowledge in IT, Servers or any tech related background, But, it’s not need at all… We’ll manage them for you. (Don’t worry, we’ll not invoicing you for them..)

5) You can earn money through your client base unlimited basis and there’s no any limits from our end. You’ll only paying as per your subscription with us and you will pay your regular settlements as your 1st invoice.

6) You’ll able to create/delete/edit/suspend-un-suspend/password change/login cpanels of your customer web sites.