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Client Benefits

Web Hosting is our main business and Customer satisfaction is the main goal. Our dedicated, customer oriented team delivers you what has been promised, along with a total customer oriented approach which has helped us to build an extensive list of clients locally and internationally.

Below are the few among many factors that make us stand apart from the rest of the hosting companies – which in turn you receive as benefits.

1. Loyalty Client Scheme: Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal and keeping this in mind we have introduced a Loyalty Client Scheme for our privileged clients.

Becoming our privileged clients lay yourself open to many benefits. You may receive discounts from us, financial supports like credit periods, concessions and you may get our technical consultation over the phone.
That’s not all. Our privileged clients are given an exclusive Loyalty Customer Support number apart from our general support line, so that they can contact our support department directly.

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2. Advanced and latest technologies: SriCommerce is always ahead in the web hosting market with innovative ideas or implementing the same and sharing those benefits with its clients. You will get upgraded resources, dedicated support and modest features are just for the same rate. We still count only 100/- LKR per dollar even though the Dollar rate is rocketing. Therefore, you still pay the amount you paid since your first invoice.

3. Uninterrupted Service: Our valued clients enjoy dedicated web hosting plans with 99.99% uninterrupted service and uptime guarantee. All of our servers come standard with 100Mbps ports. This allows you to burst freely at any time and get rid of worries or slowness.

4. No hidden costs: We ensure there aren’t any hidden costs, taxes or set up fees. We mention everything on the site so there will be no issue with the client in the future.

5. No misleading freebies: [find out why?] We do both shared and dedicated web hosting. But we do not tempt with fake unlimited web space and bandwidth; The shared web hosting plan we provide you is totally dedicated to you; never shared with any other client.

6. High Level Security: Our security measures have given no permission for intruders to enter in to our servers, thereby providing optimum security and privacy for the servers and your files.

7. Customer Satisfaction: Enjoy our professional support over the phone, email, Skype or even live support.

While you are climbing the ladder of progress, we will still be with you with better hosting plans to suit your needs. Because, money always comes second when compared to the valued and trusted relationship we, SriCommerce, have with our clients.


8. Dedicated hosting space: SriCommerce does both shared and dedicated web hosting. We do not share the dedicated web hosting plan provided to one client with another. Thus, our clients receive utmost uptime and data security and similarly our re-sellers can give best support for their server hosting.

9. Less domain price: We are providing domain price and web hosting price at a lesser rate compared to the price running in the market for all our esteemed clients. Moreover we have the most reasonable rate for the US Dollar, 100/- LKR = 1 USD for non-online paymets. Isn’t that a surprise ?

10. Help Documentation: Bilingual help documentation is provided for SriCommerce customers for free of charge to help them manage their web hosting space by themselves which will also saves their time of communicating with support executives. Not only that, you are also given a repository of information – our knowledgebase.

11. 100% Local Company: SriCommerce is a Sri Lankan company, hence language barrier is not to be considered. We can understand you and you can understand us easily, be it in written communication or over the phone.

12. No overloaded servers: In SriCommerce we value quality over quantity. Though we have given upgraded resources with may more latest features, we never overload the servers. Hence our clients enjoy quality, optimum and faster service from us.


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