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  September 14, 2019  by  Channa E.
Dear Sir/Madam,
As valued customer of SriCommerce, we wish to inform you of an important change in our business model and the impact on your line of business.

Since its inception, SriCommerce has operated under the guiding principle of becoming a market leader in server hosting and data center provider for small to medium scale enterprises in Sri Lanka with an assurance of security, cost effectiveness and close to home customer service. We are proud of our achievements and the success of our thriving business in an internationally competitive business domain for 15 years.

Although the outside factors adversely affected our business environment and cost structure we have managed to keep the price offered under control for the most part. However, the recent escalation of the exchange rate of US dollar against Sri Lankan Rupee has prompted us to a situation that we cannot ignore any further.

Since SriCommecer based all its pricing taking a US Dollar as Rs. 100, the current price of almost Rs. 180 has created a major vacuum in our P&L and we have been incurring continuous operating loss for many months this year.

As this is not a sustainable situation and the depreciation of Rupees is highly unlikely to be kept in check for a foreseeable future, we have taken the difficult decision to withdraw the all operations from Sri Lanka by shutting down the web site hosting and data center operations with effect from 31st October 2019, before the respective servers go offline. The decision to shut down operations was not an easy one, and we made the decision by carefully considering all other available options.

We strongly recommend you to take all data backups from your servers before 31st October 2019, as part of your migration to another service provider.

We wish to thank you again for your valuable support as a customer of SriCommerce.

SriCommecerce Inc.

Useful FAQ’s:

Who gonna be impacted?
- Web hosting/domain Clients registered in Sri Lanka (even residing outside).

Who not gonna be impacted?
- US and EU based customers on Infrastructure and VIOP/DATA Services currently offering by SRICOMMERCE.

How to transfer domains into your own account?
Please do not panic. Even the services are shut down, you can obtain your domain without any risk. Please make a list of your domain and send a mail to, Then we’ll transfer them. But the backup process is more important, and we advise you to take your backups in advance.

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